Quite simply, we put the client first.  Our sales mantra reflects that, “Take care of the client and commissions will follow.”  We have invested a great deal of time and effort into making sure that the advice we give is truly in the best interest of the customer.  In industry terms this is called “suitability”, but we just refer to it as doing the right thing for the customer.

Through our corporate giving program, a portion of our company’s revenue is set aside for humanitarian efforts.  One of our largest financial focuses has been urban renewal by restoring lives destroyed by poverty, drugs, sex trafficking, and crime.

For us, giving back is more than just financial.  Our employees regularly invest their time in projects such as Habitat for Humanity, mentoring those coming out of the prison system, donating shoes, clothing, and feeding the homeless.  In these efforts, we have partnered specifically with H.I.S. Bridgebuilders, Dallas Life Foundation, and Buckner Benevolence.